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Globe Traveler G3
AM/FM/Shortwave Radio with Aircraft Band, SSB (Single-Side Band), RDS (Radio Data System) and Synchronous Detector
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Headphone Jack

Alarm Clock

Receives AM/FM Radio

Auxiliary input for additional audio devices

Digital Tuner

Radio DataSystem

Receives Aircraft Band

Receives Single Side Band

Receives Shortwave Band


  • AM/LW/FM-stereo, the complete Shortwave spectrum with SSB (150-30000 KHz) and the VHF Aircraft band (118-137 MHz
  • Dual Conversion PLL Digital tuner, with digital display (LCD) showing frequency, time, sleep time and symbols for sleep timer and alarm activation
  • RDS (radio data system) on FM shows frequency, call letters, artist, song title, date, messages in display when available
  • Synchronous Detector with selectable side-band
  • Line-in/out



6.6” x 4.1” x 1.1” (W x H x D)

168 x 105 x 28 mm  (W x H x D)


12.1 oz. (345 g)

What is the reset procedure for the G3?

Hard Reset

With the radio turned off, simultaneously press and hold down the U/LSB and SYNC/SSB buttons and poke a paper clip into the RESET hole, making sure that it hits bottom. Release the buttons. Turn on the radio and see if it’s OK now. If that didn’t work, remove the batteries for 30 minutes, put them back in, do the hard reset again and then try the radio.